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  • Isabel Encinares

YouTube TV’s New Features Will Surely Please the Sports Fans

Subscribers of YouTube's subscription streaming service may now enhance their watching experience by upgrading their current plans to include the new 4K Plus package. This new package will not only include 4K viewing, but 4K downloads, unlimited streams, and much more. With the new package upgrade being inspired by a number of requests from the sports community, YouTube is hoping to excite sports fans and give them maximum satisfaction and the best viewing experience.

According to reports, YouTube saw a 65% increase in watch time of sports videos in 2020. These wonderful numbers led to a refresh of the YouTube Sports Platform, which is a hub filled with all the latest sports news, statistics, and locally trending content. Now that Summer is finally picking up, sports fans are thrilled and ready as their favorite athletes are now warming up and starting to play at all the best sporting events.

According to YouTube:

"We’re excited to share more innovative features we’re bringing to YouTube TV - from new experiences to help you feel like you’re actually there, to navigation tools that help you quickly find your favorite events."

Overall, the main goal of the new 4K package is to provide viewers with a high-quality experience that allows them to feel as if they were actually attending the various events and shows. To achieve that goal, YouTube’s new 4K plus package offers viewers, 4K video resolution, an unlimited number of streams, and 5.1 Dolby audio compatibility. All the wonderful features included within the package mean that viewers will not only be ensured high-quality video, but will also be enabled to experience surround-sound audio, which is actually one of YouTube’s most highly requested features.

YouTube has put quite a lot of focus on YouTube TV ever since the day it launched back in 2017. This is due to the fact that most people nowadays are wanting more control over what, how, where, and when they watch videos. As a matter of fact, Google reported that the number of 18-to-49-year-olds reached by the platform has exceeded that of all cable networks combined.

As of now, YouTube is looking to extend the level of control it gives to its sports fans by equipping them with various features that allow them to jump to key moments, catch up with live streams, or even watch recorded videos later on. Moreover, YouTube will be adding a Medal count feature that will be accompanied by other important statistics, enabling viewers to have a better understanding of the overall performance of each country. Subscribed users will also be allowed to search and add any sport to their unlimited DVR space:

"Sports super fans can search for an entire league, just their favorite team, or record individual games or even tournaments. We’ve also recently added key plays directly to search on mobile, so if you want to find all the 3-pointers in your library, you can find them with one click."

The newest updates to YouTube TV focus on monetizing an active and passionate group of its subscribers. As most sports were put on hold during the pandemic, people have built up quite a strong appetite for when live events would return. As sports fans are known for being passionate and the sports scene has finally started kicking back into high-gear, they have become the perfect target audience for TV ads.

TV viewing rose in popularity during the pandemic as most people were looking for ways to keep themselves entertained while staying at home. The rise in viewership resulted in YouTube providing its marketers with more tools, such as its ‘living room impressions’ analytics, to embrace new opportunities and run TV campaigns. This meant that brands and creators were given the opportunity to grow their reach and tailor their marketing and ad strategies to target the best audience and bring in more revenue.

4K Plus will be available for $19.99 per month, with first time subscribers, already equipped with YouTube TV accounts, being given a free 30-day trial and a special discounted price of $9.99 per month for their first year.

Want to learn more about YouTube TV? Check out the YouTube Official Blog.

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