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  • MaryGrace Lerin

YouTube tests New Insights On 'Evergreen' Videos

YouTube is testing a new feature in Studio Analytics that will give a detailed overview on how your older video clips are attributing to channel development, which will help you plan ahead of time.

The findings, as explained by Conor Kavanagh of YouTube, intend to provide:

"Insights around evergreen videos as additional drivers to help you understand how overall channel performance, specifically views, are changing over time."

The new feature, as shown in the screenshot above, will offer more distinct key points on how your older video clips are operating, which will help serve your management premised on which posts are producing continuous involvement and participation.

That would be quite essential as you need to know how your most recent clips are doing and how you're growing your channel over time, your older videos can also help you develop a long-term revenue stream and knowing how and why users find your older clips can help with content strategy.

And it can take time for the new clips to gain traction. By staying aware of these fluctuations and changes, you can get a better understanding of what's actually helping to grow your YouTube presence.

The evergreen highlights will be up in YouTube Studio for the participants in the test pool, and access to new insights are granted to chosen creators.

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