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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Studio's Mobile Version Gets More Metrics and Tests New Insights on Return Viewers

With a new ‘Top videos expanding your audience' listing in YouTube Studio, YouTube is attempting to assist creators in growing their audiences. This display will emphasize which of your videos encourage return watching and are helping to develop your audience, rather than simply generating views.

The new option, as seen below, will provide a collection of video snippets ranked by how well they stimulate repeat viewing. After clicking through, you'll see a more detailed breakdown of how each of your uploads is attracting new visitors over time.

The amount of new viewers who returned to watch more of your material is used to sort the videos into descending order. The idea is that by highlighting which clips are generating return visits, producers will be able to focus on the content that is expanding their channels, giving them a new perspective on how to build their channels.

Instead of seeking the highest reach with each clip, it could be a smart method to discover major content patterns and focus on maintaining loyal audience engagement. You can do both, in theory, but you might find that the clips that are bringing people back to your material aren't the same ones that are getting the most overall views. In any case, it's an interesting insight addition that could aid your process. In addition, YouTube is expanding the Audience tab of the YouTube Studio on mobile to include new and returning viewer analytics as well as member metrics, giving users better access to crucial performance statistics.

These insights were previously only available on the desktop version of YouTube Studio, so they aren't brand new. However, you'll be able to get more information via the mobile app now, allowing you to broaden your management capabilities.

YouTube is also synchronizing the numbers in its video performance cards between mobile and desktop, giving artists more insight, and allowing them to adjust the currency display setting in the mobile app (previously only available on desktop).

Finally, YouTube is shifting away from the current sidebar listings in the YouTube Studio mobile app by introducing bottom navigation. That will make it easier to navigate through the app's different settings and screens, which, while not a major change, will be welcomed by those who use YouTube Studio regularly.

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