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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Studio Now Has A Dark Mode, Hashtag Usage Insights Included

YouTube Studio has received several upgrades aimed at offering more insight, expanding administration choices, and improving artists' use of the management interface.

First and foremost, dark mode enthusiasts rejoice: YouTube Studio on the web now supports dark mode, which is now available to all users. Dark mode for YouTube Studio, as shown in this mock-up, gives an additional color palette for your Studio dashboard, making it easier on the eyes in certain scenarios while also giving your app a fresh, new design.

Dark mode choices have a fervent following and are an often requested addition. While dark mode for YouTube Studio may not be as thrilling as the main app update, it is certain to gratify a large number of people. The new 'black theme' may be found in the YouTube Studio settings.

Furthermore, YouTube has added a new 'Hashtag Autocomplete Suggestions' option to the video upload process, which will show you not only hashtags that you might want to add based on your entered text, but also insights into how much each tag is already used on the platform, guiding your approach even further.

The new listings will show the number of videos with each hashtag in the description or title, as well as the channels linked with each tag. The new insights, similar to Instagram's hashtag volume listings, will aid in your hashtag research, allowing you to gain a better knowledge of what tags you would want to include to maximize your content reach.

Adding the most popular tags, on the other hand, will not increase exposure. Smaller, more specialized tags are sometimes more effective, and it will take some trial and error to figure out which technique works best for your channel. From today, the update is available on both mobile and desktop.

In the comments inbox on Studio desktop, YouTube is also adding a new 'Mentions' button to let YouTube creators track any mentions of them across the app. The category is most likely devoted to the rise of Shorts, with YouTube expecting an inflow of creator mentions in short clips. As you can see, the new tab keeps your comments and mentions distinct, making it easier to manage each one individually.

Finally, YouTube has announced that its improved real-time insights will be available on iOS and Android starting next week, bringing the app closer to the desktop version of YouTube Studio.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the update will incorporate real-time video and channel insights within the mobile app experience, giving you more methods to keep track of your YouTube content success. These are some useful upgrades; they're not game-changing, but they're all tiny tweaks that have a specific function and will help you with your YouTube publishing process.

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