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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Studio App More In Line With Desktop Version Due to New Updates

YouTube has announced some new upgrades to its YouTube Studio mobile app, which will allow creators to manage their channels on the go while also making it easy to monitor performance across desktop and mobile, rather than forcing channel managers to log in on a desktop device.

The most significant change is the addition of new comment search criteria, providing authors more options for connecting with followers and increasing interaction.

As you can see, there are new filters for searching your channel comments along the top of the screen.

Among the new filter options are:

  • Is it true that I've previously reacted to this comment?

  • Is there a question in the comment?

  • Does the commenter have at least a specific number of subscribers?

  • Is the commenter a publicly-subscribed subscriber to me?

  • Is the commenter a subscriber to the channel?

  • Is there a specific word in any of the comments that I'd like to lookup?

That provides you a lot more capacity for replying to important comments from your mobile device, ensuring that they're dealt with quickly, which might be a tremendously advantageous addition for channels with a lot of comments.

YouTube has also updated the YouTube Studio app with additional analytics features, bringing it more in line with the desktop version, such as insights into recurring viewers, comparative view counts, and more. YouTube says it will try to guarantee that any metrics added to the desktop version of the app are also available on the mobile platform in the future, offering more comparability and value across the two platforms.

Users of Mobile Studio can now appeal to video monetization choices within the app, and the display has been updated to include more currency alternatives to assist creators in better understanding their monetization progress. The currency setting may be found by tapping your channel icon in the upper right corner > Settings > Currency. Note that changing your channel's currency setting affects all users who have access to your channel, as well as Studio on desktop and mobile.

YouTube has also updated the Studio app icon to make it more consistent with the rest of the YouTube applications, as well as moving numerous function tabs to the new bottom bar, which makes them more accessible, as they were previously included under the three dots function menu. As previously stated, the key focus is on ensuring that the desktop and mobile Studio applications are in sync, allowing customers to manage their YouTube presence while on the road. And, as more people manage their channels remotely, this should give creators more working freedom, allowing them to make the most of their YouTube material.

While many of these improvements may not appear to be "game-changers" in terms of how you manage your YouTube clips, when taken together, they may have a significant impact, assuring maximum flexibility and utility through YouTube's administration tools.

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