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YouTube's Working on a New 'Search Insights' Tool to Aid with Content Creation

YouTube is developing a new insights tool for YouTube Studio that will show you what people are looking for in the app, both in terms of your channel and content, as well as more general search queries.

Each component could be really beneficial to your content strategy. The new feature, named 'Search Insights,' will soon be available under your Analytics/Research tab, and will include two separate tabs for query research.

The first tab will show you a list of what your channel's visitors are looking for - in other words, what individuals who watch your video on a regular basis are also searching for on YouTube.

As seen here, the tab will give you information on the most popular topics among your viewers, as well as the overall search volume for each and the amount of traffic your channel has had as a result of each inquiry.

You'll also notice the 'Content Gap' indicator, which implies that YouTube is providing the ability to filter these results based on search queries that don't provide a lot of results. The idea is that by displaying these inquiries, content creators will be able to focus on developing content that corresponds with searches that aren't currently being provided by the videos in the app, perhaps opening up new prospects for your efforts.

On the second tab, 'Searches Across YouTube,' you may see the most popular search queries based on any keyword - for example, if you wanted to see the most popular 'how to' searches on YouTube, you could type 'how to' as a search term.

When you select 'Content Gaps only' from the drop-down menu, the tool will show you a list of some of the most popular 'how to' terms that aren't currently served by directly matched videos.

Using 'chromebook' as the keyword query, these are the most prevalent Chromebook-related searches that don't have a directly associated YouTube video, which could reveal fresh potential for your strategy.

It might be a really useful feature, akin to Google's Search Console and Google Trends, in terms of offering additional insight into what drives your YouTube channel traffic and how you can match your content efforts with these trends.

However, it is not yet operational. According to YouTube, the new feature is still in testing phase, with a wider rollout coming soon.

For YouTube advertisers, this is one to watch out for.

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