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  • Isabel Encinares

YouTube Updates Its Creator Website

YouTube is one of the many platforms looking to improve creator monetization and growth tools in an attempt to get more creators and users. In line with this vision, YouTube has just rolled out a few new updates to its Creators’ website, all of which focus on providing the key elements of YouTube Channel creation.

According to YouTube:

"Whether you’re a new or seasoned creator, you are the driving force behind YouTube. We want to make it easier for you to do what you do best. Along with the official Creators channel, the website will offer expert advice to help tell your story, build your community, and turn your passions into opportunities."

Following the update, the YouTube Creators’ website is now organized into three sections, which will allow creators to easily navigate the site and find the information they need. The site’s ‘Welcome Creators' section provides its visitors with links to YouTube’s policies and tips, allowing new creators to get started and get settled in. Moreover, the new Creators’ website now also contains in-depth overviews on how channel-building works.

In order to compete with TikTok, a popular platform limited by the small amount of monetization options, the Creators’ website focuses more on monetization and providing more opportunities for creators to earn from creating content.

In fact, to better support YouTube’s better monetization initiative, the platform has recently announced a new funding program to support its YouTube Shorts creators. Depending on different clips’ views and engagement rates, the new Shorts fund will see the platform paying its individual top creators up to $10k per month.

When compared to other social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube is able to boast far better monetization tools, which is exactly what the new Creators’ site emphasizes. The new site enumerates and showcases the different ways that creators and publishers can generate revenue through the app, which may likely allow the platform to reel in more creators, and eventually more viewers.

As is to be expected, TikTok is currently working to address their insufficient monetization tools, and have begun working on new commerce tools and brand partnership options. However, despite TikTok’s efforts, it's safe to say that YouTube currently has the upper hand when it comes to monetization.

Aside from enumerating the different ways creators can generate revenue on the platform, the new Creators’ site also includes a number of links that will take users to guides, case studies, and even a FAQ section that will assist them with understanding a number of key elements.

The new Creators’ site contains a bunch of useful information, and is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to get your name out on YouTube.

You can check out the new Creators’ site HERE.

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