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YouTube's looking to add more brand safety controls

YouTube is making some changes to its YouTube Measurement Program, while it's also adding a new option that will enable brands to stop their ads being shown alongside "unsuitable" content.

First off, on measurement - as reported by AdAge, YouTube is adding five new partners to its YouTube Measurement Program, which enables selected vendors to provide advertisers with in-depth data insights via YouTube's API.

The measurement partners being added are Channel Factory, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Sightly and VuePlanner, expanding the available data options to track brand safety, placement, performance, etc.

At the same time, YouTube has also removed OpenSlate from the program after a disagreement over what OpenSlate would be allowed to report to its clients.

As per AdAge:

"[OpenSlate] has refused to sign a contract with YouTube, which, under the terms, would prevent it from reporting whether ads ran next to videos with questionable or harmful content, such as those that include profanity, illegal substances or violence, according to an executive familiar with the negotiations."

That leads into the next YouTube update - as reported by Digiday, YouTube's also looking to provide more ways for advertisers to block placements for their ads which could potentially see their ads shown alongside "unsafe" video content.

As per Digiday:

"The video site announced yesterday that it’s working with several ad tech vendors including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and VuePlanner to let advertisers preemptively block “unsuitable” videos on YouTube through either keyword or contextual targeting."

YouTube, you may recall, got in hot water back in 2017, when more than 250 brands pulled their YouTube ad spend after investigations showed that their ads were being displayed alongside various forms of extremist content on the site. 

YouTube has been working to provide improved placement and control options ever since, and this new update is the latest in its efforts to add increased assurance and capacity in this respect. 

And on another interesting note, YouTube's also working on some new insight tools for creators and publishers, including new charts which represent when your audience is online, similar to those available on other social platforms.

The darker lines in the chart represent when people are watching videos on YouTube (not your channel specifically), which could help creators better plan out when to upload their videos in order to maximize engagement. YouTube also notes that it may look to provide more insight into when people are watching similar content to yours, or when people are viewing live-streams, in order to assist in planning.

The new tools will provide more ways to track and measure your YouTube ad performance, facilitating increased insight and control, and providing new guidance for creators more specifically. 

There's no word on when the new activity charts will be made available, or to whom, as yet, but we'll keep you updated as we hear.

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