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YouTube Reveals Upcoming Studio Features for 2022

YouTube's product manager summarized recently launched features and outlined plans for upcoming additions set to appear this year.

Together with the recently released and planned features, YouTube reveals its aim to develop Studio on mobile into a complete platform with all tools and functionalities found on its desktop version by 2022.


Channel permissions allow brands to add or revoke access to their YouTube channels. Users can grant access to their YouTube channel without providing their Google accounts or passwords, allowing them to handle the channel and its content.

To enable access:

  • Go to

  • Click Settings on the left-hand side.

  • Choose Permissions.

  • Select Invite and type in the email address of the individual you’d wish to invite

  • Select Access and then choose the role you want to give this individual.

Types of Roles

Reuse Details

This feature lets users reuse details from recent videos in the upload process for new videos. Users would no longer need to rebuild settings in the upload process, as well as copy and change meta data.

Unlike the default settings, this feature allows users to utilize several titles and descriptions.

The platform also recounted features released earlier such as Self ID Survey, A/B testing, and pre-publish checks in conjunction with the announcement of these additions.

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