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  • MaryGrace Lerin

YouTube Releases New Features and Mobile Live Streaming Update

YouTube has released new experiments and features for creator channels, with users now able to use filters and sorting choices.

The platform's tests and updates for channel memberships were disclosed via Creator Insider, YouTube's informal channel, and may not be publicly available at this time.

YouTube has announced the addition of filtering and sorting tools which will be found under a channel's video page to help visitors quickly locate the material they're looking for.

Once the content type has been selected, viewers will be able to filter videos by content types such as Videos, VOD, Shorts, and Live, as well as classify them into oldest and newest videos. At the channel level, the sorting type to oldest videos is being removed.

On another note, YouTube improved the option for more creators to stream Live straight from their mobile back in September 2021, and the 1000-subscriber requirement was dropped to 50.

The company has now revealed a few precautions for the feature, including a restriction on concurrent watchers, which will be communicated to creators and users when the limit is reached, and streaming will then be switched to private.

The cap for concurrent viewers will be removed and the streaming will no longer be restricted to private only when the creator hits a thousand viewers.

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