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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Releases a New Guide on Emerging Aesthetic Trends and How to Recognize Niche Interests

Do you comprehend the growing popularity of 'Cottagecore' and 'Bardcore' subcultures on the internet?

Even if you've heard of these subcultures, you're probably unaware of what they entail or the environment in which they've evolved, which is where YouTube's latest culture and trends report comes in. YouTube has released an interactive analysis on aesthetic trends and how YouTubers interact with such content in cooperation with visual storytelling firm Polygraph.

While seeking one's identity is an important part of every young culture, Gen Z sees identification as a journey rather than a goal. This generation has grown up constructing online personas, where identity is designed to be temporary. YouTube is an excellent resource for learning how to adopt and adapt aesthetics that interest you.

Cottagecore and Bardcore, as well as 'Dark Academia,' 'Dreamcore,' 'Royaltycore,' and 'Y2K,' are among the six significant aesthetic trends identified in the paper. Each trend also contains a brief explanation of the trend as well as links to relevant YouTube clips.

For instance:

“Y2K is a look inspired by the late 1990s and early 2000s when the internet was clunky and raw, but most importantly, it could be turned off. From boy-band fangirl-inspired ensembles to Paris Hilton-era Juicy tracksuits, the post-millennium aesthetic has numerous incarnations.”

The report also includes a look at the rise of YouTube aesthetic guides, which offer advice on how to connect with each trend.

While the video clips linked with the genre provide more particular insight into the relative characteristics of appeal in each trend.

As previously stated, it might be a great approach to better your awareness of these growing interest areas, while for brands, it could be a useful research tool in determining where different audience types are engaging and what types of material they're reacting to. If you wanted to align with the Cottagecore trend, which includes flowing dresses and lace, you might follow this guide to learn more about it before diving in (and potentially misstopping).

It's interesting in either case and depending on your goals, it may have a specific value.

The "Rise of Aesthetics" interactive report from YouTube may be found here.

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