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YouTube Previews New Tools to Assist Creators With Brand Promotions

YouTube Studio's new 'MediaKit' feature aims to assist more creators to land branded content partnerships by helping them to better develop their channel's presentation for potential ad partners in the app.

The new MediaKit display, which will be accessible shortly via the BrandConnect page in YouTube Studio (for those who've signed up), will give a shareable summary of your channel audience and viewer information, including subscribers, unique viewers, average watch time per clip, and more, as shown in this picture. This display will also allow channel managers to modify their channel bio, which will not affect their public bio in the app.

More detailed audience information, such as demographics and audience interests, will be included in the listing.

Channel managers will also be able to choose four featured videos to broadcast in the display, with past sponsored partnerships highlighted for further reference.

BrandConnect partner brands will be able to search this information for possible branded content collaborations, and channel managers will be able to save the listing to PDF, which they can then send on to prospective partners.

It's a welcome move that will allow YouTubers to better demonstrate the value of their channels for brand promotions, perhaps resulting in more partnerships, as well as giving businesses additional options for ad placement in the app based on reach and shopping information.

This is a considerable value addition for YouTube, especially given the growing number of people who watch YouTube content on their televisions at home. Every month, over 120 million individuals watch YouTube videos on their home television sets, a number that has increased dramatically since the pandemic, and YouTube can now essentially deliver typical TV ad resonance with considerably more precise targeting and concentration.

As a result of the cheaper cost, more businesses may now consider using an alternate type of television advertising to market their products and services. And when more creators post more of this information, YouTube's service improves even more, while simultaneously providing creators with new opportunities to profit from their YouTube video.

As per YouTube, the new MediaKit option will be available to creators in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada 'in the coming months.'

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