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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Moves Video Comments to a New Location on Desktop

YouTube is introducing a new layout for video comments on desktop, which will show a single comment below the video starting this week. When it is extended, the new desktop comments stream will appear to the right of the playing window. On mobile, YouTube currently shows a teaser with one comment below the playback display.

When you tap on that comment, a new comment panel appears, displaying all of the video comments beneath the clip, which you may navigate through.

Currently, all video comments appear below the player on desktop, but that will change shortly. You'll only see one comment, which when tapped will open a separate comments stream to the right of the playing.

Users will soon be able to scroll through the comments at the right of the main screen, rather than scrolling downwards to glance through the responses, as shown here.

The purpose of this new style, according to YouTube, is to allow users to continue watching the video while scanning over the numerous comments, providing more context in a more integrated experience.

The move will also bring the mobile and desktop user interfaces closer together.

It does make it easier to scan over the comments while the video is playing. It'll just take some getting used to, and many users may be unhappy with the change at first because it will need new app usage practices. However, with the playback synced with the notes, it could provide useful context for responses. Users will be able to utilize arrows and other emoji characters to stimulate interaction between the comment and the replay, which could lead to new engagement habits.

It appears to be a logical progression – yet, as always, consumers are wary of change, especially when it comes to functionality that has been there on YouTube for decades.

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