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YouTube Looks to Highlight Places Mentioned in Videos and Adds 'Collections'

YouTube is now testing a new feature that will automatically generate a new link format for any locations mentioned in YouTube videos, as well as allowing creators to update auto-chapters with text descriptions.

According to YouTube, Places Mentioned might be a major one for businesses:

“This new feature, within the video description box, will give users an easy and engaging way to find out about places mentioned in a video.”

Creators had to use text links to provide information on places stated in the video until recently. For videos where YouTube detects a mention of a location, the new functionality will automatically add a new visual link format.

YouTube states it'll start testing the format with a few food and drink videos and will add more in the future.

YouTube is also trying out a new 'Collections' feature for channel subscriptions, which will help simplify the process of discovering videos in various categories depending on the channels the users subscribe to.

According to YouTube:

“To make it easier for viewers to organize and find content quickly in your Subs feed, we’re testing out customizable ‘collections’ that will appear at the top of your feed. If you’re in the experiment, you’ll see we’re starting off with a ‘Favorites’ collection which is based on subscriptions you’ve recently watched. You can edit your collections, including the Favorites collection, by simply adding or removing channels from your Favorites. You’ll also be able to create new collections around topics, creators, and other content you enjoy.”

The concept is that users will be able to arrange their subscriptions in order to get the content they're looking for at any particular time, according on their chosen topics, which might help them avoid missing any uploads from their favorite producers.

YouTube is also working with customizable auto captions, which allow creators to update the descriptions associated with automatically assigned portions in the video details.

As seen in this sample, after auto chapters were introduced, creators were allowed to go into the video details and add their own text, giving them more opportunities to match their material with frequent search queries or elements.

Furthermore, YouTube is experimenting with a new 'guided policy experience,' which will assist creators in navigating policy issues.

“We’ve heard feedback about how difficult and frustrating this process can be, so we hope providing a clearer outlook on how to move forward will help in these stressful moments. Now, creators will have more information about how to proceed when they receive a Community Guidelines violation and be given clearer options on how to resolve it.”

Resolving policy violations has long been a source of frustration for YouTube creators, and this new approach will provide further information and aid in the process, which, if it works as planned, may be a huge help.

Every one of these new features will have varied degrees of utility, but the automatic Places Mentioned feature could be particularly useful for marketers.

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