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YouTube is testing custom messages for ‘Super Thanks’ creator donation process

YouTube is trying out a new feature in its 'Super Thanks' creator donation process that will allow people to add a custom message instead of the auto-generated Super Thanks comment.

Super Thanks, introduced in July of last year, allows users to make instant donations to their favorite YouTube creators by purchasing a Super Thanks animation at one of four price points (ranging from $2 to $50). An animation appears on screen when you assign a Super Thanks to a video.

Also included is an automated 'Thanks!' comment posted to the comment stream, with a special color to indicate your contribution.

Previously, the only remark that could be provided was "Thank you," but YouTube is now testing a new feature that will allow users to attach a unique message with their donation.

According to YouTube:

“We’re experimenting with customizable comments for Super Thanks, which will allow supporters to have more meaningful interactions with creators.”

According to YouTube, the option is now in an experimental phase, so only a small number of users will be able to modify their Super Chat comments, but it will be rolled out more widely later this year. Super Chat is also being expanded to include more producers on YouTube.

On the other hand, YouTube has included some new data collection and management features that may help you get the most out of your YouTube efforts.

To begin with, YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows channel managers to export their members list to a.CSV file, giving you another another method to reach out to your audience outside of YouTube. Although the data is limited, it provides another way to broaden your process and strengthen your relationship with your YouTube audience.

YouTube has also included a new IFTTT integration that allows channel managers to collect data on members in order to give rewards and incentivize membership.

IFTTT actually has a number of YouTube integrations that could help you manage your channel and engage your audience more effectively. More IFTTT applets for YouTube may be found here.

These updates are minimal on the whole, but they each serve a particular and valuable purpose, which might make them extremely useful for certain creators and channels. More data is always better, and unique messages for Super Chat provide another level — one that probably will be exploited. However, it may add some factors to consider in your process in either case.

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