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  • Meerelle Cruz

Youtube Is Once Again Accredited By The MRC

YouTube was given content-level brand safety accreditation by The Media Rating Council (MRC) for the second year in a row, making it the first digital platform to earn this level of assessment. The MRC's content-level accreditation evaluates a platform's ability to ensure that digital advertising appears on the right websites and reaches the right people.

The audit essentially certifies that YouTube's ads reach the individuals they claim to reach, giving the company's ad targeting method more openness and certainty. The MRC reviewed all of YouTube's content screening systems, including machine learning techniques and general policies, to make its final evaluation.

According to YouTube:

“The MRC auditors also met with our brand safety personnel on-site to review our processes and dug into how we protect our global community - including our procedures for evaluating content across different languages. The accreditation also recognized YouTube’s advertiser safety error rate, a metric authorized by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) which evaluates the total percentage of ad impressions that run across violative content.”

“Over the past two years, we’ve worked directly with advertisers and agencies to better understand their needs and develop a set of best practices, such as anchoring on YouTube’s inventory modes and reassessing whether they should exclude certain types of content. When advertisers knew how to better navigate our suitability controls, they experienced performance benefits ranging from increased reach and view-through rates to decreased cost-per-view.”

It's the latest development in YouTube's continuous effort to improve its ad transparency tools, which has become a higher priority for the company in recent years. In 2017, YouTube received widespread advertiser outcry over the app's placement of adverts next to problematic material. YouTube's placement control tools have since been updated, and third-party verification solutions have been provided to increase brand safety.

The additional assessment and options, when combined, will help YouTube provide more assurance to advertisers while also cementing its position as a vital platform for video ads and helping to grow its business.

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