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YouTube Introduces New Option to Reuse Details from Previous Videos and Mobile Analytics

YouTube Studio now offers a new option that allows users to reuse details from prior uploads for fresh uploads during the desktop uploading process.

The new option, as shown above, allows you to reuse:

  • Video title

  • Video description

  • Language settings

  • Shorts sampling permissions

  • Category selections

This might save you a lot of time, especially if you publish on the same themes frequently or have to manually enter language settings for each new post.

Surely, you're unlikely to post a lot of videos with the same title and description, but duplicating the details across could make it simpler to modify those elements quickly for similar content instead of having to re-enter the same information for each video in a series.

The new option is accessible through a new 'Reuse Details' option above the title field in the upload flow's 'Details' section.

It's comparable to YouTube's existing upload defaults option, which allows you to apply the same parameters to all of your video, but this new version gives you more power, allowing you to use various settings for each clip and customizing your options with each upload.

The upgrade was released alongside a slew of other changes, including an improved 'Memberships' tab in YouTube Studio and the inclusion of extra analytics to the mobile app that were previously only available on the desktop.

Users will now be able to access 'last 28 days' views performance, weekly view performance, and monthly performance numbers in the app, as shown in these screenshots, giving them more methods to stay on top of critical indicators via the mobile app.

The change is part of the platform's ongoing attempt to bring the desktop and mobile apps closer together, with all functionality scheduled to be accessible on the move at some point in the future.

While these modifications may not be game-changing, they could have a big impact on people who are attempting to improve their YouTube performance and uploading on a regular basis.

More information regarding YouTube's recent upgrades can be found here.

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