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  • MaryGrace Lerin

YouTube Introduces a New Shorts Shelf in Channel Listings In Effort to Promote Short-Form Content

Working on putting even more emphasis on Shorts, YouTube releases a new feature on its desktop version of channel pages, which is presenting the channel's Shorts videos in its own section (if available).

When a channel uploads Shorts, as seen in this example, they'll be shown in a different section, providing Shorts videos more attention and potentially generating more viewers, thus making Shorts an important advertising feature.

This is also consistent with consumption patterns and engagement with short video clips.

Furthermore, YouTube recently announced that Shorts clips have accumulated over 5 trillion views. With the format gaining traction in India, it’s expected for YouTube to support it where it’s needed, and assist its creators in improving their channel performance through Shorts.

YouTube intends to make a greater effort for Shorts and impose considerable strain on TikTok in this area. Instead of creating a standalone Shorts app to compete with TikTok, YouTube is establishing Shorts as a complement to your main YouTube channel, as that's where YouTube creators earn revenue.

By openly merging them, YouTube hopes to demonstrate its comprehensive monetization potential to top video stars, which could render YouTube's overall offering a far more appealing choice than TikTok.

The improved layout, as the next step in that drive, provides Shorts a prominent place inside a creator's channel, making it easier to advertise to viewers and hopefully attracting additional views for each.

Moreover, YouTube has changed its mobile channel editing process, added new custom thumbnails for on-demand videos, and updated its statistics display of user gender listings.

However, the Shorts shelf is the most significant change, and as YouTube keeps trying to experiment with new ways to capitalize on short video clips while also putting pressure on TikTok, perhaps more TikTok stars will be attracted to jump into YouTube's ship, all the more so since others had made the move and began earning big bucks from their content.

Even though TikTok seems to be at the top of its game, it could end up in a pinch if more of its top performers do make the jump attracted by the potential revenue they could gain on YouTube.

More information regarding YouTube's most recent upgrades can be found here.

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