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YouTube Improves Creator Payment System and Expands Warning on Potentially Inappropriate Comments

YouTube is expanding its potentially offensive comment warnings to desktop, as well as altering its payment mechanism, which will see YouTube creator payments move to a separate AdSense account.

To begin with, YouTube introduced new comment warnings in the mobile app in 2020, which appear if YouTube detects a potentially harsh response in the composer, allowing users the opportunity to evaluate their comment before uploading it. The same warnings are now available on the desktop as well. As you can see, the notice will ask the user to evaluate their comment and provide a link to YouTube's Community Guidelines for more information on what can be considered a violation of the rules.

The purpose of these notifications, according to YouTube, is to encourage responsible on-platform behavior while simultaneously protecting both artists and users from potentially inappropriate comments. And it appears to be working since the notification's expansion to desktop demonstrates YouTube's confidence in the notification's ability to reduce stress and negative behaviors in its app. The new desktop alerts will be available in English and Spanish starting today, with other languages to follow.

YouTube is also updating its payment system, which will separate YouTube and AdSense earnings displays into separate categories, affecting where you can find information about your YouTube payments.

According to YouTube:

"Today, what happens is your YouTube and AdSense earnings are paid into one single payment account, and once the balance hits $100, earnings are disbursed. But starting in March, and rolling out over the next couple of months, users will begin to see their YouTube earnings paid into a separate payments account."

The move will have little impact if you use AdSense for YouTube profits, but your YouTube payments account will now show in a dedicated YouTube homepage within AdSense, which you can access in the dropdown on the AdSense payments page.

The change is worth noting and where your YouTube payment information will now be placed because it might be a significant and potentially panic-inducing transition for creators.

Both adjustments are minor in the grand scheme of things, but they will have an impact, and the increase of these comment notifications should be interpreted as an indication that these types of prompts are having a good influence on on-platform activity.

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