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  • Meerelle Cruz

YouTube Expands Test Of Channel Memberships Gifting

A select set of YouTube creators will be part of the Channel Memberships Gifting beta tests which will be rolled out to more YouTube creators in the coming months, and interested creators may also request access using a form.

Membership Gifting is a YouTube monetization technique that allows channel members to buy a certain number of channel memberships for other viewers in a live stream, which they may then give to others.

Through this monetization method, creators would receive their customary income share, while viewers who receive the gift would not be charged anything and will have one month of access to channel membership perks including loyalty badges, unique emoji, and more. They will receive free YouTube memberships based on how much they interact with a channel. Gift memberships are more likely to be given to dedicated viewers who are always watching and interacting with the content.

Viewers must opt-in to be eligible for channel prizes. During the Beta, the only option to opt-in is to select 'Allow Gifts' on a gift membership announcement that appears in the live chat when someone has purchased gift memberships OR to click the gift icon pinned to the top of the live chat. If a viewer receives a gift membership, they will be contacted via live chat and email. Gift memberships are one-time payments, and viewers who get them do not have to pay anything to use the perks.

A gifted membership is not available for existing channel members, but only for potential new channel members.

Existing channel members can purchase gift memberships on live feeds by clicking the $ button next to the live chat. Membership Gifting is now only available on desktop live streaming but will be available on mobile soon.

The same 70/30 (Creator/YouTube) income split applies to gift memberships, with a revenue split computed after App Store fees on iOS (if applicable) and additional charges like sales tax.

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