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  • MaryGrace Lerin

YouTube Expands its Video Performance Chart with New Filters, Allowing More Specific Data Context

YouTube Studio now offers a new advanced analytics option that allows you to visualize the performance of your videos by the focus topic of each, giving you more perspective on how each clip compares to the others.

You may now view a scatter plot of all your videos and their comparative performance on varied timeframes in YouTube Studio's advanced analytics section, as shown in this figure. You can now pick 'Show videos with similar topics' from the plot display, which will change the graph to a specific list of videos with the same theme.

This implies that you'll receive a better assessment of video performance because you'll be comparing more like-for-like clips rather than comparing each video to others. It could be a wonderful method to put video interaction into context while also emphasizing the subjects that are resonating over time.

In the chart, you may see up to 100 videos at once and sort them by 'First 24 hours,' 'First 7 days,' or 'First 28 days.' Views, impressions, and average view time are among the metrics that can be compared.

This could be a useful inclusion to your YouTube statistics and planning - navigate to Channel analytics > Advanced mode > Compare to' > 'First 24 hours video performance' to see your video performance chart.

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