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YouTube and Facebook are growing in game streaming, but Twitch continues to lead

Streaming is now a huge element of broader web culture, and streamers have become major celebrities in their own right, with millions of young fans now tuning in regularly to see their latest broadcasts and engage with gaming content.

And in 2020, the growth of streaming has accelerated. According to the latest data from Streamlabs, the streaming industry has grown some 91.8% year-over-year, with 7.46 billion hours of content watched across all the major platforms.

If you're looking to connect with younger audiences, you need to have some understanding of the streaming industry, and its broader impact. Providing some perspective on this, Streamlabs recently published its latest quarterly update, which shows the top streaming platforms, by market share, along with the major eSports events and games of note.

Among the key points:

  • YouTube Gaming saw the most growth for hours watched in the quarter

  • Facebook Gaming surpassed 1 billion hours watched for the first time

  • The majority of viewers and streamers from Mixer, which Microsoft shut down in June, appear to have crossed over to Twitch, adding to its dominance

You can check out the full Streamlabs report here, while the infographic below captures the topline trends.

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