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You can now watch Instagram Live broadcasts on the web

Instagram Live has become one of the largest platforms for personal streaming, but broadcasts were only viewable from the mobile app, which can be a drag for longer streams. Fortunately, Instagram has now added support for watching Live content from the web, so you can watch homebound celebrities from the comfort of a large screen.

The mobile Instagram Live experience has comments scrolling up through a transparent window at the bottom of the video. If you're streaming with more than one person, comments can obstruct the view, making it difficult to pay attention to the video and chat simultaneously.

With the web interface now allowing you to view Live streams, the comments are moved to a scrolling window on the side, making the bottom of your viewing experience is unobstructed. The stream doesn't appear to be any larger on the web, but the positioning of the comments alone makes it a worthwhile endeavor.

If you're interested in checking this out for yourself, the process is the same as the app, where the most difficult step is finding a stream you're interested in. We can allfinallyrealize our dream of seeing NASCAR discussed via Instagram Live on our computers.

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