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WWF: How PR can help gain three times more conversions and cut ad spend by half

With a rude awakening in August this year, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) revealed it was behind a controversial campaign called “Ivory Lane” to drive awareness of the ivory trade in Singapore. Done in a rather hush, hush manner, the campaign aimed to bring light to the fact the elephant ivory trade is still an issue, despite several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) calling for a total ban.

Only a handful of media were alerted (and made to sign non-disclosure agreements), and even corresponding offices of WWF were kept in the dark, said Kim Stengert (pictured), chief of strategic communication. Asked by audience members at Marketing’s PR conference how he ensured secrecy from the media, he said: “The media were excited about the idea and only too happy to keep it a secret to get the scoop.”

Explaining the campaign further, he said that since demands by NGOs had from time to time fallen on deaf ears, WWF Singapore decided it would be more effective if consumers were the ones deeming ivory trade to be socially unacceptable and demanding change.

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