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  • Meerelle Cruz

Within Creator Channels, YouTube Expands Access to its Community Posting Tab

YouTube wants to make it easier for more creators to communicate with their channel visitors by expanding access to its Community posts feature, which gives them another method to interact and share with their fans within the app.

The Community tab, which is now available to channels with over 1,000 subscribers, allows creators to post a variety of update kinds, such as photographs, GIFs, polls, and even videos, within a dedicated engagement section in their channel feed, as shown here. With YouTube lowering the barrier for using the tool, more channels will be able to use it.

YouTube is lowering the eligibility for Community posts from 1,000 subscribers to any channels with over 500 followers starting October 12th, 2021. They are working on bringing Community postings to channels with less than 500 followers in the future. After your channel reaches 500 subscribers, the opportunity to create Community posts may take up to a week to appear. While it may appear to be a lesser-used function within the greater YouTube experience, it can give a whole new interaction option for individuals wishing to post further updates, solicit viewer feedback, and strengthen their connection with their audience.

Over the last few months, YouTube has been working to improve the Community postings experience by providing new features such as post metrics, multi-image updates, and post scheduling. It's essentially a standard social network feed within your YouTube channel, comparable to someone visiting your Facebook Page and viewing all of your most recent postings, which they can then comment on, as well as up and downvote, in the app.

The true worth of the choice is primarily determined by the size of your channel and the type of content you want to post. However, it gives you another platform to direct your visitors to, where you can highlight key elements, promotions, and other types of posts.

Finally, YouTube has announced that, as a result of the increased access to Community postings, the Discussion tab will be removed from all channels on October 12th. The Discussion tab served a similar role to the Community panel in that it allowed authors to post text-based updates for their audience, but because the Community Tab is a more advanced version of the same, it's being retired to make space for the transition.

The sole difference is that the Discussion tab is only available to channels with fewer than 1,000 members, so smaller channels will have less access to these additional interaction tools. However, as YouTube points out, it plans to increase access to the Community tab soon, so the effects will be minor in this regard.

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