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Why is Page Speed Important for SEO

There are a lot of small details to consider while developing an SEO plan for your company. This isn't only because minor details add up; each one has its own significance in your overall approach. Would you consider the page speed of your website to be a key component of your overall strategy? Now is a fantastic time to start if you haven't already! But, why is page speed so crucial for SEO? We've included all of the reasons why down below!

It’s A Ranking Factor on Google

Page speed is one of the many factors that Google considers when putting together a search engine results page. It's worth mentioning that, while page speed isn't a huge ranking factor by Google's standards, that doesn't imply you should disregard it. Sure, you won't be able to top the search rankings just on the basis of page speed, but slow page speeds can prevent you from progressing. Cleaning up your speed will help you avoid being affected by this!

It Can Affect Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Page speed is important not only for how it affects your website directly, but also for how it affects it indirectly. Place yourself in the shoes of a typical online user. Let's imagine they come across your link, are intrigued, and click on it. What happens if the page takes more than 10 seconds to load? People in general do not have that type of patience! They'll most likely instantly leave your website. This immediately adds to an increase in your website's bounce rate, which you should prevent at all costs!

It Cuts Down on Website Browsing Time

If page speed has a negative impact on your website's bounce rate, it makes sense that it will also have a significant impact on average browsing time. In general, you'll want your website to have a good average browsing time. It signifies that individuals are spending the time to look at your services and what your company has to offer, increasing the chances that they will convert and improve your goal metrics.

As such, although page speed is a minor ranking factor, it is certainly important for it is the first domino to fall in the domino effect!

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