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  • Isabel Encinares

WhatsApp’s New Archive Options

With the number of users steadily increasing, WhatsApp has released a new option to help you manage your group chat threads. This new option will allow the messaging app’s users to archive chats and have them remain hidden, even if new messages are sent into the group.

It should be noted that WhatsApp users have always been given the option to archive chats, however, in the past, archived chats would still send notifications when a new message was sent. With the new feature, archive chats do not prompt users with notifications and can easily be archived or reactivated whenever you wish.

According to WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart:

"Have a WhatsApp group that's a little noisy and cluttering up your inbox? With the new Archive, you can now keep an active thread out of your inbox, but still have access to it whenever you want!"

WhatsApp users have reported great frustration whenever archived chats would suddenly reappear in their inbox, due to this, WhatsApp has been experimenting and testing various archive options for the past few years. As a matter of fact, the ‘vacation mode’ feature, which is fairly similar to this newly released feature, was tested back in 2019.

While the new feature is great, this just means that you should really check who it is you're archiving, lest you archive an important conversation and miss numerous important messages. Or, you could just remember to regularly check your archived chats list if there are some noisy chats that you want to keep updated with.

This new feature may seem minor and the new update small, but this is definitely a game changer for heavy WhatsApp users.

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