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WhatsApp adds custom wallpapers for individual chats and sticker search

WhatsApp is announcing a few aesthetic updates to its app today, largely in the form of new wallpaper features. Most notably, you can now assign different background images to individual chats.

If you’re anything like me, chances are you speak to a few people much more often than others. Now you can differentiate these conversations visually by using a custom wallpaper. Aesthetic preferences aside, it can be useful as a quick way to make sure you’re not sending a message to the wrong person.

Other updates include the ability to change the color of the default doodle wallpaper, and a collection of new wallpapers with images from around the world that are categorized into “bright’ and “dark” albums. Speaking of light and dark, you can now also assign different wallpapers for your phone’s light and dark mode, allowing the app to automatically switch when your phone does.

Wallpapers aside, WhatsApp now lets you find stickers using text or emoji, and the app has updated the 2020-inspired ‘Together at Home‘ pack with animations as well.

These updates are rolling out to users Android and iOS users starting today.

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