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What you need to know about influencer marketing

While influencers are all the rage on most social media platforms, Instagram is currently the leader of the influencer marketing pack.

According to research, some 79% of brands turn to the photo-sharing app for influencer campaigns, and 2020 will be no different.

Why is this so?

Partly, this is due to the rising popularity of the platform, but the focus on visual content and creativity also makes it more difficult to gain traction on Insta without some level of platform knowledge and understanding. Influencers know the platform, and they've already established an audience on it, which can make them a great conduit between relevant brands and interested consumers, when chosen well and allowed a level of creative freedom.

Whether you go for micro-influencers with more specific followings or large-scale celebrities with huge reach, Instagram offers huge potential for influencer campaigns.

For more Instagram influencer insights, check out this infographic by Fourstarzz Media.

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