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What Will The Metaverse Be Like?

Meta has repeatedly stated that the metaverse it envisions, is still 10-15 years away from reality.

That means the real metaverse will be built for the next generation of consumers, but exactly what form this new digital world will take is hard to imagine.

Of course all the images in this short video are animated, none of the experiences described in this video exist yet.

Some of them involve using a VR headset and sales of its Meta VR units are on the rise.

Other experiences require AR glasses, such as playing chess with a friend who isn't physically there.

But each of these platforms will take time to evolve to the point where "billions of people" will connect in these spaces, Mark Zuckerberg said.

And where they will spend "hundreds of billions of dollars" on digital commerce of course.

Sensor Tower has reported that 552 mobile apps now include the term "metaverse" in their titles or descriptions, while a quick LinkedIn search shows that more than 10,000 people now mention "metaverse" in their profile description, including members with job titles like "Chief Metaverse Officer', 'Head of Metaverse', 'Metaverse Consultant' and more.

You can see 'metaverse ready' as a selling point for an NFT project, while the number of concerts, meetings and other events that take place 'in the metaverse' also seem to be growing every day.

But again, the metaverse doesn't exist and the main point is that no one, including Meta himself, knows exactly what form the metaverse itself will take.

It's interesting to see how Facebook's Meta name change is immediately at the center of the discussion.

Since Meta adopted the term, Meta has effectively positioned itself to dominate the next shift, it is now the only platform that is leading the way, taking ownership of what the metaverse concept is and will be, bringing it into will be able to develop the idea at its own pace.

The broader concept, based on Meta's first illustrations of the metaverse, will most likely take many hours in VR headsets and spending any significant amount of time in a VR headset is going to make you feel pretty sick though...

Using the Oculus Quest 2 for instance, the most advanced AR headset available right now, can make you feel queasy, while once you do take off the headset, your distorted reality and perception of space can mess with your head until you re-adjust.

Of course, some of these issues will be resolved over time, and as we become more accustomed to spending time in these environments, we will feel more comfortable in them as well.

But right now we are unable to experience 'the metaverse' as a fully immersive alternate reality, because we do not have the tools available nor the systems to support it.

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