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Vimeo partners with Pinterest

Looking to boost your brand's presence on Pinterest?

Creating video content can help - video views on Pinterest have increased more than 3x in 2020 over the same period in 2019, while Pinners are also 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform.

And now, you have an easier path to creating video Pins, with Vimeo announcing a new partnership with Pinterest that will enable users of its Vimeo Create platform to upload their videos direct to Pinterest.

Vimeo launched Vimeo Create back in February - the tool provides a range of templates and other presentation options to help build standout video content.

As explained by Vimeo:

"Designed for video newbies and experienced editors alike, Vimeo Create is built to help small businesses and scrappy creators craft video ads and social media content that drives engagement and builds brand buy-in, even if you’ve never made a video before. And now, you can seamlessly publish videos you make directly to Pinterest, no downloading or middleman required."

Vimeo Create is available on a free trial when you sign up for a Vimeo Pro or Business account, and it's then $24 or $55 per month respectively for each package, so it will cost you to use the platform. But it's an intuitive, responsive video editing platform with, as noted, a range of tools like templates, overlays, graphics, etc.

And with the added focus on Pinterest specifically, it could be a good option to help you maximize your Pin presence.

In addition to the announcement, Vimeo has also provided some Pinterest video tips, based on guidance from Pinterest, which could also help to guide your strategy:

  1. Share fresh info - "Make sure to highlight that the information you’re sharing is fresh and up to date, and include copy that spells out the details."

  2. Keep it short - "The ideal length for a Pinterest video is between 6 – 15 seconds"

  3. Create for 'sound off' viewing - Most pinners will be viewing your clips with no sound, to ensure you use captions or explain your concept in visuals

  4. Thumbnails matter - "Pick a thumbnail that highlights your brand and nails your aesthetic point of view to see a jump in engagement."

  5. Prominent branding - Add your branding early in the video, but be aware that the Pinterest logo will obscure your logo if you place it in the lower right corner

Pinterest recently crossed the 400 million user threshold, and its seeing increased usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns as people alter their shopping habits and look for ways to find more niche, artisan products. Combine that interest with Pinterest's evolving discovery tools, and it's definitely worth considering whether the platform might be a good fit for your business.

And if video is part of your approach, Vimeo Create could also be worth considering. 

You can check out some of the Vimeo Creator for Pinterest templates here.   

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