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Vimeo launches social video editing platform to help marketers create better videos

Video platform Vimeo has this week officially launched its new Vimeo Create platform, which provides a range of templates and tools to help marketers create more effective video content, for multiple purposes.

As you can see in the video, the new tool provides simple processes to create more standout video content, including graphic and text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music and more.

As explained by Vimeo:

"Never picked up a video camera before? Never worked with editing software? Don’t have the budget? Don’t have time to think about making videos for your business? Fantastic. We made Vimeo Create specifically for you. This fast, simple solution gives you exactly what you need to deploy impactful social videos for whatever you need. Think: Stories, ads, customer engagement, and beyond."

The new tool - which you can download on iOS and Android, and access on desktop here, first presents you with a range of template options to choose from - or you can "start from scratch" if you prefer.

Select any of the templates and you're taken to a creative surface, where you can edit the on-screen text, add your logo, upload video clips, add music, etc.

There's a heap of simple ways you can edit and customize the video - and what's more, there are templates available for Stories and other video formats, which you can customize and then upload to other platforms.

The catch is that in order to save/publish a video, you need to become a paying Vimeo member. The pricing, however, is not exorbitant, but it does add an element of cost to the tool

Still, there are some great features here, and you can try them out for free. If you go through the process and create something you like, you can then sign up to save/download it from there.

Vimeo says that it built the platform in response to demand from small business owners who find it difficult to create their own video content.

"We did the research, and spoke with thousands of small businesses and the numbers were clear: Small business owners want to be creating video, but only 22% felt they created enough in 2019. Hurdles like time, cost and complexity were real, imposing barriers for too many businesses to make video. In fact, nearly all (96%) small businesses said they would create more video if these barriers were removed."

The platform's simple layout does appear to cater to this use case, and while I did find a couple of simple glitches in my run-through, it looks like a fairly solid tool, which could be beneficial for marketers.

You can read more about Vimeo Create, and try it out for yourself, here.

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