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Users Are More Open to TikTok's Innovative and Creative Ad Options According to New Report

TikTok is aiming to improve its ad services and attract more investment in its promotional tools as it continues to develop and add more users. And it appears that TikTok campaigns are yielding results, according to Kantar's latest "Media Reactions" study, which found that TikTok is "the preferred advertising environment for both brands and their audiences," with brand-building campaigns on the platform being 7x more impactful among people with high advertisement equity.

Kantar's 2021 Media Reactions research includes responses from over 14,500 consumers and 900 top marketers from around the world, providing a wide range of perspectives on significant advertising developments and trends. The following are the report's primary points of emphasis:

  • The Digital Dilemma - In an increasingly digital environment, how can you maximize consumer connection while avoiding annoyance?

  • The "Glocal" Dilemma - How do you strike a balance between the scale advantages of global media platforms and the promise of relevance from local media gems?

  • The Innovator's Dilemma - How can media companies strike the correct balance between trust and innovation?

Kantar discovered TikTok advertising, in particular, to be effective on numerous fronts based on these factors. Because of their innovative, authentic community and brand-friendly platform, TikTok's advertisement equity has been named #1 in the world for the past two years. Businesses can create amazing ad experiences by reaching consumers in an environment designed for discovery, and audiences have the opportunity to discover engaging, fun content.

Kantar's research reveals that TikTok's collaborative environment leads to less invasive and more innovative ad campaigns, according to the study's findings. This is in line with TikTok's "Make TikToks, Not Ads'' strategy, which encourages marketers to get to know the platform and its important trends, as well as how users interact, rather than pursuing a more disruptive, traditional marketing approach. In practically every vertical, TikTok advertising outperformed all others in terms of relevance, usefulness, and emotion according to household decision-makers.

TikTok may profit in certain respects from its status as the new kid on the block, with consumers more receptive to TikTok marketing as a result of overall usage trends. But the major point here is that marketers have rapidly realized that standard ad techniques just don't work on TikTok — you can't expect TikTok viewers to pay attention to campaigns repurposed from other platforms and mediums.

You need to design TikTok advertising that feels natural in user feeds if you want users to stop swiping on by, and that broader effort has forced advertisers to agree to the app's basic content rules, which is why their commercials feel less intrusive than, say, pre-or mid-roll disruptions on other platforms.

In line with these findings, TikTok advises advertisers to:

  • TikTok is focused on creative collaboration, so give users a reason to join in - Develop your online presence with this in mind, and come up with creative ways to engage your audience in your story.

  • Use TikTok trends to your advantage - Trends are an effective technique to attract consumers by being relevant and authentic. Create content based on the new sounds, hashtags, filters, and video formats that TikTok introduces each week.

  • Use TikTok’s creator talent - Their creators give "influential" a whole new meaning. Make the most of the unique interaction between user and artist to get your brand message across loud and clear.

These are some excellent suggestions, with the underlying concept remaining the same: "Make TikToks, Not Ads." If you're not sure how to achieve that, TikTok has a terrific Ad Library that showcases some amazing instances of effective TikTok clips, as well as a new Creative Center that showcases even more top-performing campaigns.

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