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Twitter Updates: Reply via DMs And Super Follow notifications

Twitter has announced a number of updates, including Super Follow notifications for subscribers on iOS and a new feature that allows users to reply to tweet authors via DMs.

Twitter updates for Super Follow have been officially announced, but accessibility to these updates is still limited as they are being tested with select groups.

Super Follow Notifications

Twitter users on iOS can now enable notifications for Tweets that are subscribers only to accounts they Super Follow. When notifications are enabled, they can select 'Super Follow only Tweets' and receive a notification for exclusive Tweets posted by the account.

Reply via DM

A new testing feature that allowed users to respond directly to Tweet via direct messages. Twitter received feedback from the test group, stating that the users can limit who can DM them via settings, quality filters and more.

Downvotes for answers

Twitter also tests downvotes for replies to understand replies that users find irrelevant.

This test will be expanded and with more iOS and Android users having access to this feature.

The downvotes are not publicly visible, by the way, but help Twitter understand what type of content users want to see.

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