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Twitter Updates Ad Manager with New Data Tracking Options and a New Overview of Tag Events

Twitter has launched some new ad platform updates that aim to simplify ad targeting while also offering more information about campaign performance.

To begin with, Twitter's 'Website Clicks & Conversions' objective will be renamed 'Website Traffic,' a more broad headline that will now feature a new 'Site Visits Optimization' goal among your potential campaign objectives.

As you can see, you can now use 'Site visits' as the target when creating a Website Traffic campaign, which will direct Twitter's system to show your advertisements to audiences most likely to visit your website.

“By enabling the Twitter Website Tag, Twitter is able to track actions that audiences take on an advertiser's website and attribute them to their Twitter ads campaigns.”

That will then help Twitter’s systems to effectively evaluate audience objectives, and display your advertisements to the relevant viewers. Twitter claims that site visits have yielded positive results in testing, so it'll be intriguing to see if the new target leads to a stronger direct response to your promoted tweets.

Furthermore, Twitter is offering a new consolidated view of site analytics and conversion events to Twitter Ads Manager as a way to combat data loss as a result of Apple's ATT update, as well as more users opting out of in-app tracking.

Where possible, the method will use data obtained from Twitter's website tag to provide a generalized estimate of important metrics by Ad Group, at campaign level, by device type (iOS or Android), and placement level.

Although the data won't be as precise as direct reporting via the Twitter tag on each user reply, Twitter will be able to compensate for the loss of indicative insight due to the iOS update by providing some insight into user behaviors.

Finally, Twitter is introducing a new 'Events Manager' dashboard to help you manage your Twitter Website Tag and the web-based conversion events that go with it.

The new Events Manager overview, as seen here, will provide in-depth insight into tag events, allowing you to better manage and use the data collected by your site visitors.

These are useful enhancements geared toward advanced Twitter marketers, but they enable new levels of ad performance insight that could help you get the most out of your ads. While aggregated data isn't a replacement for direct attribution, marketers must make do with what they have in the wake of Apple's ATT update, and these extra insights will aid in your strategy.

More information on Twitter's latest ad platform updates can be found here.

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