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Twitter Unveils New Features & Planned Updates at Cannes Conference

The newly released improvements and additions scheduled for 2022 were revealed during a press meet Twitter organized at Cannes to discuss their ad product roadmap and vision.

Together with new ad solutions and other upgrades for brands with a presence on Twitter, Twitter revealed two of the most significant updates: Campaign Planner and a partnership with Shopify.

New Updates

  • Shopify x Twitter: Shopify and Twitter have partnered to offer all US Shopify merchants a quick and simple method to leverage Twitter to encourage consumers to shop. Twitter has created a sales channel app that will be open to all users in the United States. Shopify retailers can be found in the Shopify App Store. Merchants will be able to sign up for the Twitter Shopping Manager through the sales channel, where they can utilize and handle shopping features that enable them to exhibit their products to users on Twitter and direct them to a store where they can buy the product.

  • Campaign Planner: The new Campaign Planner tool enables marketers to project expected outcomes before they launch the campaign. It was created to make it simpler for ad industry partners to make knowledgeable media investments on Twitter. Advertisers can predict, budget, and develop campaigns using Campaign Planner, giving them more control over the planning process and a greater understanding of the scope and expense of reaching a target demographic.

Upcoming Features

  • Branded Likes: Branded Likes enable advertisers to personalize the Like button on Twitter. A group of hashtags can be chosen by an advertiser, and for 24 hours, whenever someone likes a Tweet that uses those hashtags, the Like button transforms into a unique animation. Following promising beta testing results, Twitter will launch Branded Likes to all marketers in the US, UK, and Japan the following week. Branded Likes can also be used by advertisers who are based outside of certain markets but wish to reach individuals there.

  • Location Spotlight: All professionals in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia can now access the Location Spotlight. All professionals throughout the world will be able to access it starting next month on Twitter. With the help of the Location Spotlight, businesses can make it simpler for customers to discover them and know more about their brand by displaying their location, business hours, and additional contact information like phone, text, email, or DM. In conclusion, the Location Spotlight can aid in advancing a customer's buying process.

  • Twitter Business Settings: Twitter Business Settings will serve as a central location for managing accounts, assets, personnel, and permissions for Twitter marketers in a safe environment.

  • Dynamic Product Ads: Multi-Destination Carousel, a versatile and interesting approach to exhibiting a variety of products through swipeable advertising, was introduced by the platform last year, allowing for greater personalization. Comparing this format to a single asset ad style, a 20 percent boost in click-through rate has generally been seen across all targets. Multi-Destination Carousel is the cornerstone of the plans to provide Dynamic Product Ads later this year. This will let companies tailor the creative they display in their ads by highlighting the most relevant products to the appropriate customer.

  • Conversion optimization: Can assist with running campaigns to attract visitors most likely to complete lower-funnel website actions like adding items to a shopping cart, making a purchase, or filling out a form.

  • App Purchase Optimization: Now in testing, can assist marketers in delivering app advertisements to customers who are most likely to purchase a product.

  • Playable ads: Playable ads are interactive HTML ad formats that enable users to interact with brands by opening up interactive experiences within their Twitter feeds. This encourages users to consider, click, or install.

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