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Twitter Tests Feature to Switch Between Top and Latest Tweets More Easily on the Web

On the web, Twitter is testing a feature that makes it easier for users to flip between top and recent tweets. While in October, Twitter started testing a new feature for iOS that lets users move between two timelines to display top tweets or most recent tweets first.

Users in the test could view two timelines, "Home" and "Latest," and could swipe between them.

"Should the top tweets be displayed first, or should the most recent tweets be shown first?" We've made it simpler to switch between the two timelines and keep track of which one you're on. Twitter noted on its official Support account, "Now testing with some of you on iOS: swipe between "Home" and "Latest" on the Home tab to choose which Tweets you see first."

Users on web

Twitter is now accepting web users to participate in the test.

"On Home, click between the "Home" and "Latest" timelines to simply choose which Tweets you wish to see first," Twitter explained.

Spaces on Twitter

Meanwhile, Twitter unveiled a new feature for its live audio platform Spaces: users would no longer be able to see Spaces connected to words or phrases that they have muted.

"You muted that for a now when a word or phrase you've muted is in the title of a Space, you won't see it at the top of your Timeline — even if someone you follow is hosting, speaking, or listening," said the official Twitter Spaces account in a tweet.

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