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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter Tests Audio and Video Content Playback Speeds on Android and the Web

With the option to adjust the speed of video and voice tweets on the platform, Twitter has begun a new test that'll be available both on its Android app and the web.

The new playback speed settings, as seen here, will allow users to customize their viewing experience by giving them a variety of options to pick from. Using chipmunk voices in audio clips lets users utilize content more quickly, or slow down the process to get a good view of specific aspects.

In the past few months, Twitter has been developing its payback speed settings, with Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, initially discovering them last September during her tests.

The first live test was recently announced, and while it's not yet available on iOS, Twitter will certainly attempt to extend the feature shortly. Adjustable speed options on all applications have been requested by many users, and this was also included in a recent survey performed on potential Facebook enhancements.

People are eager to get through longer clips quicker as their attention spans shorten, and short video is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication. Having the ability to slow it down while viewing the videos can aid when assessing key aspects and elements inside viral clips.

Alternately, you can also choose to retain the default speed and have your video playing at the same pace as before. In any case, it's a helpful feature to have, and it's a solid improvement for Twitter's video playback. The next step then will be enhancing Twitter's video quality, that, considering the company's latest efforts to upgrade still image quality to 4K, may be on its way as well.

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