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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Twitter Spaces to Reduce Speaker Anxiety, Test Out Voice Transformer

Not everyone likes to hear their own voice, especially on recordings or playbacks.

There are times that one's voice may sound more nasal than usual, high-pitched or just cringe for one to listen to on its own. These instances can sometimes make one hesitant to participate in interviews or audio chats.

But Twitter Spaces say worry no more as they are currently experimenting on a new set of voice changing options which will enable one to filter their own voice through a range of effects and change how one sounds in the app.

Danny Signh of Twitter posted an example of the effects in action.

Some may not see a reason to use these tools, but for those who have their own personal reason, changing one's own voice is a game changer. It can also be handy for doing audio plays, as well as dramatic readings. Imagine one person performing multiple characters with the help of the feature's filters.

Soon, even those who have anxieties to how they sound may just find the right filter and enjoy every bit of Twitter Space.

Tune in for more updates on this Voice Transformer!

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