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Twitter Spaces Tests New Topic Tags to Enhance Discovery

With the addition of a dedicated tab and new highlight tools, Twitter is aiming to place more focus on its audio Spaces, while also enhancing Spaces discovery and making sure that every user is notified to the most relevant, in-progress audio conversations, matched with their particular interests.

A new option is currently being tested by Twitter that will allow Spaces hosts to add topic tags, which will help them reach a larger audience.

As seen here, hosts will soon be able to attach up to three topics associated to the discussion when setting up a Space, which will draw attention to that Space from users engaging in those topics.

An advanced version of the topic selection process is shown below:

Although live-streaming allows people to connect and engage with each other, the quality quickly degrades as more people join in, making it difficult for people to sort through the deluge of broadcasts to attempt to discover anything of value within the experience. As such, making it a rather important step for the platform to make.

One of the most common criticism directed at Clubhouse in recent months has been that the gradual advancement of app access has resulted in an upsurge of Rooms, making it nearly impossible to locate appropriate, high-quality broadcasts inside the app.

There is a possibility that Twitter's Spaces will suffer from the same plight, and while it will still need algorithmic methods to showcase the most relevant Spaces for each user, providing topics could be another way of filtering the stream and discover top discussions in real-time.

Here's where Facebook and Reddit's live audio tools could really shine. Facebook's audio discussions are focused on groups, which basically indicates they're bound to topic areas that each user has already showed an interest in, whereas Reddit does the same, with audio rooms tied to certain subreddit communities.

This could aid them manage their audio suggestions on topic and relevant to each user, while Twitter and Clubhouse, on the other hand, have taken a more comprehensive approach, raising the discovery potential for each chat but also increasing the problem of oversupply and the requirement for efficient sorting.

Can they pull it off? Is it possible for each app to create an audio broadcast relevance model that maximizes interaction by notifying interested users to Spaces and rooms of interest?

It will not be an easy task, and based on Twitter's existing topic recommendation algorithms, there's nothing to look forward to with it.

However, by allowing users to manually select topics in Spaces, it may be able to specify the listings and show more specific discussions for each user, which will help it effectively populate its upcoming Spaces tab, which should be available soon in the app.

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