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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Shares New Preview of Coming Spaces Recording Option

Twitter has been tested for some time, and now has given a new insight at its in-house recording feature Space, which would add to its social audio tool a new level of capabilities. The new 'Record Space' switch is being developed by Twitter, which will allow Spaces hosts to download and reuse an audio file after their broadcast is originally broadcast.

Twitter allows Spaces presenters to download their previous broadcasts, but the procedure is somewhat difficult. This new recording and capability help to optimize the value of broadcast spaces, which could create additional opportunities for revenue, sponsorship, and longer-term audio growth. This may also allow Twitter to share its prior spaces on its profile and to maximize their use while Twitter also notes that the company is continually working on Spaces discovery, a critical aspect in the ongoing expansion of the choice.

The key tool on that front seemed to be the dedicated Spaces tab developed by Twitter, although it was in doubt with the recent advent of communities, with the Community tabs taking up the center area at the bottom of a feed bar, where the Spaces tabs would theoretically have been. In certain ways, Twitter could use Communities to promote relevant spaces by subject instead - however, some users have seen this additional variation since that time.

This appears a little embarrassing, and a little weird given the historical resistance of Twitter to add new tabs, as the tweet acknowledges. However, space discovery remains a critical part, and if Twitter can't get that correctly then it won't get the most out of the feature - including a dedicated display of progressive broadcasting as well as a matching mechanism to emphasize each user's most important spaces.

It should also be noted that Twitter plans to start a Space Creators Fund as another way of encouraging greater Space activity very quickly, according to TechCrunch. But back to the point in time – while not yet here, recorded spaces are still another significant feature that can assist broadcasters to obtain a greater benefit from the choice, which can help both establish a longer-term and a more initial audience.

Further questions of privacy ought to be addressed, but Twitter might urge more broadcasters to use Spaces to make the alternative more popular and lucrative. And while the original hype of audio networking has faded somewhat, Twitter's real-time nature appears to fit the Spaces option, and it could be a nice match.

There is still plenty of development in place, but spaces have promised — as long as Twitter ensures that this is a more comprehensive, platform-related product than a tack-on aspect.

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