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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Shares New Insights into the Rising Gaming Discussion via Tweets

Given the worldwide travel restrictions that have kept most of us at home for the past year, it's no surprise that gaming has exploded in popularity, with more people looking for alternative forms of entertainment and social connection. As a result, the effect of gaming and game developers on popular culture has increased, which is a trend that all marketers should be aware of. Indeed, the vast majority of the top YouTube creators now have some sort of gaming link, and as any parent knows, YouTube stars are now just as influential as movie celebrities or traditional sports stars.

That's why Twitter's latest insights are so important.

There were more than 2 billion tweets about gaming in 2020, according to Twitter, and the conversation hasn't slowed off in 2021. There has been an 18 percent spike in Tweets regarding gaming YoY, thanks to eSports leagues like the Call of Duty League and the VALORANT Champions Tour, as well as global gaming events like E3 and Summer Game Fest.

That's a lot of activity - which, as previously stated, isn't surprising - but it's worth noting the newest movements in the industry and analyzing whether any of these trends are relevant to your outreach efforts. Twitter reports that Japan now has the most gaming-related tweets, as well as being the platform's second-largest user market overall (behind the US).

Minecraft and Fortnite, as well as Final Fantasy and recent arrivals like Animal Crossing, continue to be among the most tweeted about games.

As previously said, gaming personalities are becoming increasingly important. And if you want to get a sense of why, these are the folks you should listen to.

Twitter is already mentioning Spaces in its trend reports, indicating the option's growing popularity and where Twitter sees Spaces fitting into its overall offering. These are some intriguing insights into significant trends and shifts in the vital gaming sector, and as previously stated, it may be worthwhile to tune in and pay attention to these trends and occurring as part of your strategic planning efforts.

It won't be right for every company, but gaming-related marketing potential is growing, especially with the advent of buyable in-game cosmetic additions and other brand-related features.

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