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Twitter's Working on New Event and Audience Analytics Tools

As part of its ongoing effort to maximize its revenue potential, Twitter is working on some new analytics tools which would help brands better understand trending conversations, and how they can best connect with their audiences.

Announced this week at CES 2019, and first reported by TechCrunch, the two new features, as shown above, would provide additional, actionable insight for marketers.

Events Dashboard

The first element is a new, real-time Events Dashboard, which would highlight both major events and breaking news, along with insights into the amount of related activity on the platform. That would enable businesses to better capitalize on relevant, trending discussion - of course, Twitter already provides a major events listing with similar info for advertisers (as shown below, and available in the 'Events' tab in your Twitter Analytics dashboard), but this new tool would highlight the information as it happens, as opposed to showcasing retrospective data.

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