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Twitter's Tweet Replies Ad Placement Now Available to All App Advertisers

Twitter now releases its Tweet replies ad placement option for all app install campaigns on iOS and Android, following months of testing.

The option, as seen here, puts the app install adverts after the first response below a Tweet, allowing app developers to reach people who are interested in relevant dialogue.

As previously said, Twitter began testing the feature in October, and marketers have reported higher impressions, lower cost per install, and more attributable downloads in their initial tests.

Last September, Reddit introduced Conversation Placements, a similar feature targeted at capturing active Redditors in post reply threads.

That makes sense, particularly if you can target your advertisements based on keyword mentions or anything similar, making sure that your promos show up in highly relevant and, preferably, extremely active discussions.

The actual key is targeting, and while it will take Twitter a while to perfect this aspect, there is potential to reach the most engaged users.

But there's another, more intriguing aspect: Twitter may ultimately attempt to use this ad placement to bring direct income to tweet creators.

In the initial testing, Twitter's GM of Revenue Product Bruce Flack verified this, saying that creators will soon be allowed to join into this ad placement and receive a part of any revenue produced.

That fits with Twitter's overall creator monetization push, offering additional incentive to retain its most prominent users tweeting more frequently, but it may also be intriguing to enable selective retrospective activation of such.

When a tweet becomes a huge hit, for instance, you'll frequently see a reply added by the tweet creator emphasizing their SoundCloud or a charitable cause to which they can then draw greater exposure.

But what if you can earn money directly from all of your popular tweets?

This could potentially fit into Elon Musk's app monetization ideas. Musk has already stated that he intends to look into monetizing embedded tweets as part of a larger effort to persuade celebrities to tweet more frequently.

Another aspect of this may be allowing all creators to simply monetize their reply threads.

However, it is currently limited to app installation campaigns. Twitter states it may aim to develop the option to more placements shortly, depending on how well the initial rollout goes, although the creator monetization aspect isn't presently active.

We'll keep you informed of any changes.

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