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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter's Testing New Holiday-themed App Icons

With a fresh set of app icons spotted in the back-end code of the app correlating with seasonal patterns, Twitter Blue subscribers may soon have some new holiday features to explore.

The new icons match up to seasons (top row) and holiday celebrations, as seen in these photographs given by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

In addition, there are various Kwanzaa-themed icons.

Variable app icons are one of the more minor aspects of Twitter Blue, the platform's $US2.99 per month subscription program that grants the most devoted Twitter users accessibility to a variety of additional tweet capabilities.

The first Twitter Blue option, which was made accessible to Canadian and Australian users in June, emphasized the ability to 'undo tweet,' which allows you to retract a tweet within 30 seconds of sending, allowing you to catch any mistakes.

Aside from that, many of the other Twitter Blue features (reader mode, bookmark folders) seemed fairly basic and uninteresting - but then, with the program's expanded launch to US users earlier this month, Twitter incorporated ad-free articles, top articles, and other features that have made it a more significant consideration.

As previously stated, variable app icons are a minor component of the overall Twitter Blue offering, but some individuals will appreciate the ability to change the skin of their symbol and possibly give it a different vibe in their app listings.

If that describes you, anticipate for these new, colorful icons to arrive shortly, and for $US2.99, you can change yours to whatever you like.

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