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  • Isabel Encinares

Twitter's New Notification System for Banned or Suspended Accounts

While the number of people using social media and creating online accounts has risen, the number of trolls and people violating various rules on platforms has also risen. The rise in number of violations has forced Twitter to look for new ways to ensure that their users are aware of penalties. In line with this, Twitter plans to add a new feature that will display prompts to impacted users whenever they open the app.

As can be seen in the example above, any accounts that are locked or suspended are shown a new notification which informs the user of the state of their account.

According to Twitter:

"Knowing where your account stands is important. We’re testing a new way of letting you know - right when you log in. If your account is locked or suspended, some of you will start seeing a banner making that clear."

The new feature will provide users with more transparency and help reduce confusion around the statuses of user accounts. Moreover, it will also inform users how long a sanction will be in effect, what each penalty means, and how to appeal to remove suspensions.

Twitter has been looking for ways to improve transparency on restriction and penalty enforcement within the platform for a while now. In line with their goal, the new feature will be providing greater explanations on what has occurred and resulted in a user’s penalty.

Last November, Twitter added new explainers to different Tweets that violate political, COVID-19, and synthetic media rules. These explainers gave users more insight into why certain tweets were flagged as non-suitable for the platform. Moreover, Twitter also started flagging different tweets that were fact-checked and were found to be false or misleading.

In order to create even more transparency and make it easier for users to understand reports and strikes on their account, Twitter has begun developing a new Safety Center, which would be accessible through the Twitter menu.

Each of these measures align with Twitter’s goal to be more transparent and help users understand different rules and processes.

While this won't stop people from being frustrated whenever they are blocked or suspended, it may definitely shine a light on the confusing process of account suspension of blockage.

The new updates won't be able to appease everyone, but more insight and transparency is usually way better, Plus, the new updates may result in a reduction in angst and fewer users repeating different violations.

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