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  • Isabel Encinares

Twitter’s List of The Hottest Events This Summer

Its now truly Summer in the Northern hemisphere, and with the vaccine rollout gaining momentum, we are finally starting to see the finish line. As the situation starts going back to normal, people are starting to go out and enjoy sports, concerts, and real live events. With the wave of people finally being allowed to go out and have fun, marketers everywhere have been presented with a multitude of opportunities to expand reach and sales while everyone enjoys the fresh air of freedom.

With all the new events popping up and the urge to finally do something somewhere other than our homes, people have begun planning which events they want to attend or follow. If this sounds just like you, then you’re in luck. Twitter recently released a list of the biggest and hottest events this season. Their list includes cultural events, sport events, entertainment events, and more. With all events being held within the next few months, it is sure to come in handy for your summer planning. Check out the full list down below!

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