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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter's Developing 'Leave This Conversation' Option to Assist with platform Engagement Management

Twitter is developing the next phase of its interaction management features, with a new 'Leave This Conversation' option in beta that will help users avoid negative conversations.

As seen here, the new process, which is still in its early stages, would allow users to untag themselves from a conversation and prevent them from being mentioned again in that thread (in the final image, the tweet tag for the removed user is inactive, so people can't tap through on the users' profile). This would make sure that the user does not receive any more notifications related to that particular discussion thread.

The feature is basically a more upgraded version of Twitter's 'Unmention Yourself' process, which is also in testing, with updated wording to clarify what precisely 'unmentioning' yourself means.

It can be a useful option for avoiding the awful Twitter pile-ons based on a tweet, or merely to mute discussions that are bothering you.

Over time, Twitter has worked to provide more tweet control and management options, including the ability to mute keywords and users, manage who can reply to your tweets, and receive updated notifications on potentially inappropriate comments.

This new feature is part of a broader set of mention controls aimed at giving users more control over their interactions in the platform and avoiding unwanted interest of others in the app.

That could be extremely useful on Twitter. Again, Twitter pile-ons can build up pretty quickly, and it can be stressful for those caught in the crossfire to deal with the barrage of negative comments.

More tools for this could be of great assistance, and this improved process discusses the objective of 'unmentioning' better and may be more convenient and efficient to use.

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