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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter's 'Brand Bracket 2022' Competition Has Officially Started

The first brands have advanced to the next stage in Twitter's 2022 "Brand Bracket" tournament, and the next round of playoffs has begun.

The second year of Twitter's Brand Bracket campaign, which pits brand Twitter handles against each other and asks the public to vote for the top Twitter voices in the game, ties into the excitement surrounding the NCAA March Madness tournament.

The result is an ultimate brand Twitter winner, which may indicate how you can improve your tweet game by studying from others who are already doing it well and how they engage their followers.

@Xbox won last year's competition, defeating @Skittles in the final round.

Both are in the running again this year, and their battles will begin this week. It's an intriguing promotion for marketers because it features some of the most popular and respected Twitter names, like the sarcastic @Wendy's account.

Given how well-known @Wendy's is for its humorous comebacks, you'd think it'd be a strong contender, but it was eliminated in the second round last year, with the public opting for @Skittles instead. That's the campaign's value: by highlighting these other accounts, you'll have more motivation to check out what they're up to and why they're so popular on Twitter.

Analyze their strategies, take notes, and you might just discover how to make the most of your tweets for branding and promotion.

You can read a synopsis of each of this year's contenders here, and you may vote in the Brand Bracket polls as they become available by following the @TwitterMktg handle on Twitter.

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