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Twitter's 'Best of Tweets' Ad Campaign Awards for 2021 Nominations Now Open

Have you had any successful Twitter campaigns in 2021?

If you have, you may be eligible for a prize, since Twitter is running its annual ‘Best of Tweets' contest to choose the best brand tweets of the year.

According to Twitter:

“Twitter’s Best Of Tweets is our hall of fame, our GOAT, our crowning achievement for the brands that creatively leveraged Twitter this year to launch something new, or to connect to what’s happening like no one else could. And we want to hear from you, does your brand deserve to be crowned a winner?”

The awards will honor the finest tweet campaigns across a variety of categories, with initiatives from Gatorade, Uber, Ben & Jerry's, and others recognized during last year's event.

There is no tangible award or prize, but as part of the event, you will gain acknowledgement and extra publicity.

To be considered for a nomination, you must define your campaign in a few phrases and then explain why it deserves to be recognized as one of the finest. Which is more difficult than it seems, but by looking at the awards from the previous year, you can probably get a sense of what Twitter's award judges are looking for in terms of impact, reach, and so on.

Since 2016, when Twitter divided each aspect into its own category, the company has run its yearly campaign awards.

That could give you some more thought concerning the sorts of campaign that Twitter's hoping to feature, however the disturbance of 2020 constrained an adjustment of approach, and it's not 100% clear how Twitter will pass judgment on the victors this time around.

All things considered, if you have a campaign that lines up with these components, it very well be worth a nomination, regardless of whether just to add a 'Winner – Best Twitter Campaigns 2020' note to your site.

Brands can nominate their campaign here, with nominations concluding on October 12th.

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